Fabric Reinforced Roofing in Rochester, MN

Are you struggling with leaks in your commercial EPDM, single-ply, or other flat roof? Triple SSS Commercial Roofing has the answers for you. We provide a full range of solutions for effective, lasting protection.

One solution is the Conklin Fabric Reinforced System. This system combines the waterproofing & resistance of a coating system with the durability of a single-ply roof. There’s no need to resort to costly roof replacement when you have this system installed. If you’re in the Rochester, MN or surrounding areas give us a call today!


  • Protection where your roof needs it most – at the seams.
  • Fast application – minimizing work-site congestion.
  • Dirt-resistant finish.
  • Easy and affordable repair and renewal.
  • Non pro-rated material warranties are available.


Having issues with leaks around seams, patches or protrusions? Our membrane coating provides a superior, waterproof barrier that stops leaks and prevents further damage!


The white reflective coating stays up to 80 degrees cooler in the summer, saving you up to 84% on your heating and cooling costs.


Our membrane coating system provides seamless protection in all kinds of weather, offering superior protection from wind and even hail.

How Does It Work?

Your new roof coating system will only provide superior protection with proper installation. That’s why we spend the majority of our time preparing your roof to receive the new roof coating. This ensures a leak-free, waterproof seal that can last for decades.


The first step is a thorough cleaning of your roof. This opens the pores of your roof, providing a strong, adhesive surface.


Seams are the weakest points on membrane roofs. To seal these areas up, we use a 5 inch Spunflex fabric, embedded in base coat, to strengthen and waterproof.


The last step is applying the final coating that provides reflective properties and comes with a Class “A” fire protection rating.

Texas A&M University

“In 1980, Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas began re-roofing their facilities using polyurethane foam. Texas A&M kept careful records on the performance of their new roofing system and found they have reaped reductions in maintenance costs as well as decreased energy expenses. Now with over 7 million square feet of polyurethane foam in place, Texas A&M uses nothing else for new or remedial roofing.”


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